16th International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces
July 02 – 07, 2017


The ICFSI series was initiated in 1985 in Marseille, France by an initiative of Prof. Le Lay who was the chairman of ICFSI-1. The ICFSI conferences following in series took place in:

  • Takarazuka, Japan in 1988; chaired by Prof. A. Hiraki
  • Rome, Italy in 1991; chaired by Dr. P. Perfetti
  • Jülich, Germany in 1993; co-chaired by Prof. H. Lüth and W. Mönch
  • Princeton, NJ, USA in 1995; co-chaired by Prof. A. Kahn and Dr. R. Ludeke
  • Cardiff, Wales, UK in 1997; chaired by Prof. R. Williams
  • Göteborg, Sweden in 1999; chaired by Prof. P. O. Nilsson
  • Sapporo, Japan in 2001; chaired by Prof. H. Hasegawa
  • Madrid, Spain in 2003; chaired by Prof. F. Flores
  • Aix en Provence, France in 2005; co-chaired by Prof. P. Soukiassian and G. Le Lay
  • Manaus, Brazil in 2007; co-chaired by Prof. E. F. da Silva Jr. and A. Ferreira da Silva
  • Weimar, Germany in 2009; co-chaired by Prof D. R. T. Zahn and F. Bechstedt
  • Prague, Czech Republic in 2011; co-chaired by Prof. P. Jelinek and V. Chab
  • Gyeongju, South Korea in 2013; co-chaired by Prof. H. W. Yeom and C. Y. Park
  • Hiroshima, Japan in 2015; chaired by Prof. A. Kimura

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